Hello, I'm Luna Howlsyawn. I am a 1 made of 4 that sequenced. On this website I share with you all some information that I have created and changed some over time. If there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is that some things are unavoidable, and some things are not present. I hope you'll check out my Holoscope website and read the about section there, and check out the different web pages on this website as well, if you find them interesting. Please feel free to send me feedback on any of the sites available at the top of this website.

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I'll probably keep updating this website periodically as I work on things more. My current top priorities are nailing down my infophysics as described in the diagrams page, writing pages/documents, holoscope clarity, and 1~0 code, as well as taking some notes in my latest notebook, and tweeting too much.

Please support/talk about ranked-choice-voting vs first-past-the-post with others you know if you care about governmental rules, it's the only way out of first-past-the-post 2-party-stagnation in certain powerful countries like the USA that I think is likely to happen, and these powerful countries are rapidly wearing out the earth's pre-existing capacities to sustain life and freedom.